Friday, November 19, 2010

Inside Job

In my Concepts I class we were each assigned a different movie to go see in theaters.  During the film we had to draw/take notes from the movie to later turn into an illustration to represent it.  The print size for the illustration was to be 3 x 4.5 inches because it would accompany text were it for a real job. I was assigned the Inside Job.  It is a documentary that explores the economic crash in the USA and what caused it to happen.  A big part of the film was describing the corruption of the major banks and of the consumerist system in general.  In short, the documentary made me very angry and frustrated with the way things are run in the world.  The quote that stuck in my mind most from the movie was from a French woman (I cannot remember her exact status) who compared the U.S government's response to the impending economic crisis as say there was a tsunami coming and all they were doing was deciding which bathing suit to wear.  Another aspect of the film that particularly made me upset (there were many aspects) was the fact that the higher-ups in the main money corporations were very much into hiring prostitutes... and paying them with taxpayer money by writing their own invoices.  It is a combination of those two things that I chose to illustrate.

Gosh, it makes me so sad how corrupt people can be.

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