Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spring Thesis begins!

For my spring Senior Thesis I am doing my own version of the Japanese tale of Momotaro.  I decided to use a folk tale that already existed so that I could focus more on making work and not have to stress over creating a whole new story.  In my version I changed the characters and also the setting of the story- it does not take place in Japan.  Instead, it will take place somewhere that does not actually exist.

These are the first thumbs for some of the characters in the story.  The main character (he was found inside of a giant plum that fell from the sky) comes across these guys on his way to defeat some monsters.  The first is a Tigerdog, the second is a Monkey, and the third is a Mole named Cinnabar.   I'm still in the process of choosing their final designs; I have a lot to consider after Friday's class crit.  I had a lot of fun designing these guys! Much more to come!

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