Monday, January 10, 2011

stuff from the fall semester

Here's some more work from last semester.  The first thing was my final for Concepts I.  It was a secret santa final in that all of our classmates had to write an assignment for us on a slip of paper and then we had to randomly draw a slip from a folder and do it for the final.  I drew "cute food" and decided to do it as a short (very short) children's story.  I just had to do 3 page spreads, which is why it's very short.  I did it in acrylics.
The last three illustrations were for my narrative color class.  For our final we had to choose a story or movie and illustrate 3 scenes from it and use color to help tell the story.  I did a Russian fairy tale called Sadko.  The tale is about Sadko, a musician, who plays at the wealthy merchant dinner parties.  One day, he isn't invited to one so he goes to a lake and plays in sadness.  A water elf pops up after he is finished playing and tells him that, since he entertained her dinner guests with his music, she will tell him a secret.  She tells him that there is a golden fish in the lake that, if caught and eaten, will grant eternal life.  The next day at a merchants party the wealthy men are boasting about their wealth.  When it's Sadko's turn to boast, he says that though he has no wealth, he does have a secret about a golden fish.  The merchants do not belive him and say that if he can catch the fish they will give him all their stuff.  He catches it and becomes a rich merchant himself off of the bet.  He has his own fleet of ships, a palace, and a beautiful wife.  Eventually through a series of events, Sadko finds himself on the bottom of the ocean at the Sea god's palace being forced to pick a wife from a line of girls so that he will have to stay there forever.  The water elf from before shows up and tells him to choose her sister because she will return him to the surface and to his wife.  Sadko does this and he is reunited with his real wife and lives happily ever after.
That is the condensed version of the story as I fit it into the required 3 illustrations for the class.  :)
As usual, just click the thumbnails to see the illustrations at full size!

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